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Top Halloween Giveaways For Trick-N-Treating Folks

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on October 16th, 2015

Halloween has come to be associated more with fun than scares. Over time and ages, Halloween has come to be celebrated among kids and adults alike with fervor and festivity.

Youŗe never too old to beg for free candy

However, the trick and treat tradition has never failed to raise its head up high amid all the costume parties and pumpkin lanterns. In case you happen to have been the reclusive neighbor with barely much time for the tiny tots and young adults planning to trick-treat you, you sure must be bugged for landing up ideas on the best Halloween giveaways instead of the traditional candy. More than doing away with tradition, you must have forgotten to stack up on your candy bag. Here are top Halloween giveaways for those trick-n-treating folks that you can get well under 5-8 dollars and yet make a mark!

Zombie Soaps

Yes these are so Halloween-y that even you could keep one as a collectible. Shaped like a zombie, these soaps are funky yet high on utility. On most online sites you get these for as little at 4 dollars. Therefore, stocking up even 40 pieces will barely burn a hole in your pocket. More so they appeal to those who are out on a hoard this Halloween.

halloween zombie soap

Check Out: https://www.etsy.com/market/zombie_soap

Halloween Buttons

Again these could make for superb Halloween memorabilia and can be purchased on a tiny budget. With skull motifs, ghostly prints and apparition like designs, these Halloween buttons are the next cool Halloween giveaway this season.

Halloween buttons

Check Out: https://www.etsy.com/search/accessories?q=halloween+buttons&max=8

Halloween Mugs

These are fun yet functional. Trust us, when those kids come trick or treating, handing them these superb gifts can indeed be an easy way to make them happy over loading them up on simple candy. These mugs are available in various designs with the Halloween motif running through them. What is more, these are easily available online and all you need to do it press the order button.

Halloween mugs

Check Out: https://www.etsy.com/market/halloween_mugs

Halloween Hats

Another easy yet fantastic idea for a Halloween giveaway for those candy seekers could be a fun ghost cap. It could be in the shape of a pumpkin or a vampire hat. You could simply floor the kids with such a Goth item. And of course these are way more exciting than the typical candies and sweets.

Halloween hat

Check Out: http://www.walmart.com/browse/party-occasions/halloween-hats/2637_615760_1087251_1107152


Boo Bracelet

Add your own pick of horror charms, spooky add-ons, braided design and a super Halloween line to complete the Boo bracelet. Easy on the picket but high on charm- this is the ultimate and budget Halloween giveaway for kids who come knocking to treat or trick you! Or you can create your own spooky message bracelet online!

Halloween bracelets

Check Out: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/create/removable/coral/black/trick%20or%20treat

Why worry about running out on candy anymore? All you need to do is pick the right Halloween giveaway and watch the neighborhood kids going gaga over their hoard from your house.

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