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Introducing a new, beautiful bracelet – the leather lace bracelet!

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on August 25th, 2014

Omg we’re totally stoked to bring you this news! We’ve been working this summer to bring you what has been the festival hit of the summer – these trendy little lace bracelets!

Aren't they awesome? They look great for guys, and for girls

Aren’t they awesome? They look great for guys, and for girls

These cruciani-inspired bracelets took a life of their own when we created something similar, but out of leather!

Right now we’ve got 6 pretty designs for the bracelets up available. They’re all available in two colors. But in the future we’ll put up other options, including customizable, embossed leather with your own message (just like our classic Friendly Bracelets).

The beauty of these bracelets is that they look great not only on girls, but guys as well. Just take a look at our mustache-inspired bracelet.

Perfect for that hipster friend

Perfect for that hipster friend

The best part – they’re totally eco-friendly

Our bracelets are made out of something called bonded leather. That meant that they take little genuine leather fibre pieces, that otherwise would be thrown out, and bond them to a fabric backing.

Scrap bits of leather before they're turned into our bracelets

Scrap bits of leather before they’re turned into our bracelets

The leather we use is a mix, so that we can bring you the most durable, waterproof, and most vibrant colors. The bracelets won’t lose their color after taking 100 showers, they won’t wrinkle or lose their form. Basically what we’re saying is – these bracelets will last you a long time.

This summer’s hit was these cute little bracelets

When you take a look at them, you can see why. They’re cute, versatile, layerable, and look good pretty much with everything. It’s no surprise that they’ve popped up in every trendy festival this summer. Heck, even Beyoncé’s wearing them!

Even Beyonce's wearing lacy bracelets!

Even Beyonce’s wearing lacy bracelets!

The festival hit of the summer

The festival hit of the summer

The best way to wear it? Layering, of course!

Our bracelets are 1 cm (or 0.4 inches) wide, so they’re pretty small. They can be nicely combined with other leather lace bracelets, watches, classic Friendly Bracelets, or other metal, fabric or string bracelets. Since the length is so customizable, the bracelets fit pretty much any hand (15.5-24cm, or 6.1-9.4″).

The bracelets can be combined in a way that they’re chic, elegant, dainty and ladylike. Or they can be combined to be a hipster’s fave accessory.

How will you wear your leather lace bracelets?

P.S. This month you can get your bracelets for a whole 40% off if you use the discount code “LLB40”.

So what are you waiting for? Get your bracelets!

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