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How to wear friendship bracelets? The guide to wearing your best friends bracelet every day

Avatar By Krista Krumina on March 16th, 2017

For a long time friendship bracelets are not just an accessory for teens and college kids anymore. This childhood jewelry is all grown up, and now found its place in adult wardrobes, too.

Ordinary people and celebrities, men and women are wearing friendship bracelets to show they care about someone and something. And once you’ve received your best friend bracelet, you probably want to wear it every day.

Today friendship bracelets come in all colors and styles. From colorful string bracelets to minimalist leather wristbands, in this blog post we’ve gathered simple ideas on how to wear your BFF bracelet as often as possible, no matter the occasion.

And while you might be wondering:

”Am I too old for friendship bracelets?” According to The Guardian, no – you’re not.

As they say, ”friendship bracelets […] are something that the [Generation X] discovered in their late teens in the 90s and see absolutely no reason to give up just because they are starting to make plans for their 40th birthday parties.”

So read on to discover how you can wear your friendship bracelet in your adult life.

A friendly accessory to wear to work

A thin, unobtrusive bracelet will be the perfect accessory to wear to work with almost any dress code. Style it with a blouse and blazed for an edgier look.

The best part?

This custom bracelet with a personalized message on it will look top notch both on men and women.

Design your own classic bracelet: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/create/classic

Design your own classic bracelet: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/create/classic

Such simple and almost unnoticeable bracelet is the best choice if you’re a suit-and-tie type of person. Choose something dark or metallic to upscale your look, and wear your friendship bracelet together with a wristwatch:

How to wear friendship bracelets?

Photo credit: jamaisvulgaire.com

If you prefer more casual work outfit, add more colorful accents to emphasize your overall look.

But remember – when it comes to office wear, mixing too many bracelets and wearing them on both wrists might not be the best idea. Keep it simple.

How to wear best friends bracelets to work?

A jewelry to pair with your going out dress

Going to a party? To a fancy restaurant with friends? Or to romantic dinner that calls for a going out dress? Top off your style with a glamorous leather bracelet with your name on it.

How to wear leather friendship bracelet?

Design your own custom leather bracelet: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/create/custom-leather

Whenever in doubt, choose your little black dress and wear it with a metallic wrist accessory. Black + metallic will always be a great combo:

And yes, you really can wear a friendship bracelet on weddings. Especially, if you’ve got matching friendship bracelets with the bride or the groom, this is the perfect time to show them off:

Wear friendship bracelet on your wedding day

Photo credit: http://www.bridebox.com/blog/15-grooms-left-totally-speechless-gorgeous-brides/

Meanwhile, you won’t probably wear a string bracelet with an evening dress to a conservative event. But other than that, both string and leather friendship bracelet will be a nice personal touch to your going-out outfit.

The perfect festival bracelet

If nowhere else, summer festivals are the place to go crazy with friendship bracelets. Pair your bright and colorful bracelets with whatever you’re wearing, and the more the better.

Want more?

Add some shiny temporary tattoos for a complete bohemian festival look.

Festival bracelets

Create your own friendship bracelet: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/create/removable

Festivals are also the place to try something new. Remember when Kate Moss completely re-defined wellington boots at the Glastonbury festival in 2006? What was considered fisherman shoes, became a worldwide fashion trend after Kate worn her wellies with denim shorts at the festival. 

And while creating new fashion trends might not be for everyone (everyone’s not Kate Moss, after all), trying to wear your bracelet in a way you don’t usually wear it, is quite doable.

The easiest way – simply move your string bracelet from your wrist up the arm, or attach new elements to it and make it look more fun:

Festival upper arm friendship bracelet

Photo credit: makunaima on Etsy

A companion to discover the world

A bracelet for every person you love, and every new place you fall in love. Style your friendship bracelet with comfy and casual on-the-road outfits, and be prepared for adventures.

If you’re the type of traveler who prefers recreational activities and can’t just lay on the beach all day sipping cocktails, wrist-fitting string bracelets might be the best choice for you. They are comfortable and won’t disturb your activities. Comfort should always come first.

Friendship bracelets may be of different materials and sizes, but going on a surf trip with clunky wooden bracelets might not be the best idea, no matter how good one may look.

Meanwhile, if you do prefer to relax all day on the beach, go for a boho-chic look with colorful string bracelets in bright colors. Choose bracelets with neon accents that will highlight your tan:

Wear friendship bracelets to the beach

Photo credit: makunaima on Etsy

Sleep till noon and brace yourself for lazy weekends

Sometimes lazy weekends with your bestie are all you need. Wear your friendship bracelet with your cozy fleece onesie, or style it with a casual dress for a picnic in the park. Either way, your weekend plans – your rules.

Order your own friendship bracelet: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/catalog

Order your own friendship bracelet: http://friendlybracelets.com/en/catalog

At this point, it really all comes to your everyday style and the color palette you prefer. And by the way, finding out your friend’s favorite colors might be a good idea before ordering a friendship bracelet.

Keep in mind your friend’s style and favorite colors when buying him or her a friendship bracelet.

For example, if your best friend prefers dark colors and minimalist outfits, consider getting a dark or metallic color bracelet. Meanwhile, for a hippie friend that’s a walking color splash, bracelets in bright colors might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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