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Hey, the blog is up! Let’s get to know each other!

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on July 28th, 2014

Introductions, highlights, and what the future has to bring

After 3 years of developing Friendly Bracelets into the fun-loving, friendship-radiating site that is today, we’ve finally feel like we’re ready to put our thoughts out into the world through this awesome blog! It’s a big task, but we feel like we’re up for it. To get started we figured we should get to know you, and tell you a little bit about why we do the things we do, and some of the highlights so far.

Who are we, and how did we get started?

We are Ieva and Artis. We fell in love with the idea of friendship bracelets when we came across a street vendor in California – we loved the idea of having that connection with you all the time, even when you can’t be together.

You know it’s true love when you can be silly together…

We both realized that we could take this wonderful connection we got from the bracelets, and offer it to the whole world, if only we could put it online.  Ieva has a talent for making things, while Artis can handle the more technical side of running an online business. After experimenting with different designs and materials, we finally found the end result. And so Friendly Bracelets was born. And we think they’re pretty awesome. Here’s a video of how they’re made:


One bracelet at a time

Each bracelet is made entirely by hand, with love. They’re made whenever an order comes in, and so each bracelet is completely unique – no two bracelets will be exactly the same. They’re then put into the mail and sent out to their new homes.


We take pride in our handmade, unique, made-with-love bracelets. Since our bracelets are made by hand, one at a time, we can’t offer the same kinds of discounts that you’d get if you were ordering mass-produced, made-in-china accessories. But we do have volume discounts, so feel free to get in touch and let us know if you’re interested!

Friendships near and far – the power of one little bracelet can change the world

Some of the most touching stories come from people who tell us about who their bracelets are for. Here are some of the sweetest stories we’ve heard.

Olivia was a big-sister-to-be. While waiting for her little sister, Brynn, to be born, they ordered a few friendship bracelets. Because even though Brynn wasn’t here yet, these two girls were destined to be BFFs.


These two were in love. And living on separate continents. These bracelets were the unifying factor, that little reminder that you’re never alone, no matter how far your loved one is from you.

72_l 58_l

Katie was sponsoring Khadija, a little girl born and living in a developing country, on the other side of the world. These bracelets meant the world to her. Just a reminder that she has friends that are always thinking about her.

The stories that friendship bracelets elicit are so true, deep and wonderful.  They spur us on to keep working, to keep sending out those bracelets, one at a time. Because you never know what the story behind it is, or just how much happiness it’s about to bring.

The future of Friendly Bracelets

If you’ve been to the Friendly Bracelets site lately, then you’ll notice that we’ve added these cool genuine leather bracelets that can be engraved with your own message. They’re so cool that we’ve been able to expand to even more, different kinds of bracelets – we’ll tell you all about them in the next blog post!

Not to mention, we’ll be sharing all kinds of tips and tricks on how to use Friendly Bracelets at your school, at work, for fundraising, for events, and just in general on bringing even more friendliness and the feeling of a community into the world.

So that’s us. That’s why we love what we do. We’re so excited to share our thoughts and news with you on our blog. If you have any of your own stories that you’d like to share, or any questions you’d love answered on this blog, let us know! Leave your comments below!

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  1. AvatarAmy

    My 16 year old son was in recovery for an eating disorder when he found your website. He was looking for a place to find a bracelet that said “OVERCOMER” because sometimes he needed to look down and remind himself that he would overcome. Thankfully he has overcame his eating disorder but has never taken his bracelet off and I doubt he ever will. Thanks.

    1. AvatarWilson

      Definitely doing this! *finds embroidery trhead* Because I have earphones that are like two separate cords stuck together at the bottom, and I always pull those apart, and they get super tangled. Also my cat chews on them ALL THE TIME.

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