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5 Cool Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on February 26th, 2020

There are countless friendship bracelet patterns that can be incorporated in these popular accessories – from simple and familiar styles to a lot more intricate designs that let the wearers express their personality in a dazzling way. This variety of options available lets anyone find a bracelet that matches their personal style. So, let’s take a look at 5 cool friendship bracelet patterns that are among the most popular ones, to give you an idea of just how different they can be and provide inspiration for incorporating these accessories in your outfits.

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Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelets

The cute heart motif is probably one of the most popular braided string friendship bracelet patterns, but it’s also a popular option for the laser-cut leather variety as well. Its popularity has to do not only with the nice look that it creates but also with the fact that it allows the wearer to convey their emotion. That’s why it’s a popular choice for couples, who often choose this pattern for matching bracelets that symbolize their relationship.

Flower Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Depending on the design, flowers can be both calming and energetic, as well as mysterious and comforting. Floral patterns are always a popular choice as they often provide the right balance between style and simplicity. Flower pattern friendship bracelets are popular among men and women of all ages as they can be combined with a variety of outfits and accessories. They add a hint of color and freshness without overpowering the look, making them perfect as a subtle accessory.

Leaf Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Leaf pattern friendship bracelets are a great idea for nature lovers. The leaf symbolizes not just nature but also regrowth. These kinds of patterns allow their wearers to convey a sense of adventure and closeness with nature. It’s also a great idea to pair them with flower or butterfly pattern bracelets to achieve the perfect nature-related look.

Butterfly Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Friendship bracelets with a butterfly design allow their wearers to embrace their fun, lighter side. Butterflies symbolize life, joy, and energy and that’s exactly what this pattern with butterflies does for the wearer – it infuses their look with a hint of charm and merriment. Butterfly pattern friendship bracelets can make for perfect gifts for children and teenagers. They are also available in a variety of colors that can all be collected and worn together to form a vibrant butterfly colony right on one’s wrist.

Anchor Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Some would say that this is the one for travel enthusiasts and those who are into nautical themes. Others would say that anchors symbolize stability and strength, making it the perfect motif for people who live life on the edge. However, many wearers choose the anchor design simply because it’s one of the best-looking friendship bracelet patterns. Therefore, it’s a great idea regardless of whether you like it for its symbolism or simply for aesthetic reasons.

Whether you prefer one of these popular designs or you’re into more unique friendship bracelet patterns, there’s no shortage of options. And that’s the fun thing with friendship bracelets – they can help anyone express their personality, regardless of what your age or gender is.

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