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Creative corporate gift ideas – from marketing launches, to gifts, to campaigns

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on October 27th, 2014

Everyone has that one closet stuffed to the brim with stuff you don’t want to see or even deal with on an everyday basis (you know what I’m talking about), and guess what you’ll find in there – that’s right, those corporate “gifts” that you get a promotional events that really just clutter up your home with useless junk and annoying logos. Frisbees, hats, those poor quality draw-string backpacks, whistles, foam fingers..you get the point.

The reason that all of these are stuffed in the never-to-be-seen-again closet? Because they suck. They’re unimaginative, low quality, and have no purpose.

Enter: the bracelet.

With a bracelet, first of all, you have a stylish wearable piece. Check point 1 – it won’t end up in a closet, because people will be wearing them! Not to mention the stylin’ element of layered bracelets lately – the more the merrier!

Some great examples of bracelets for corporate events

What better way to build hype and get people showing their support, than by giving out bracelets! Stacked bracelets are such a trend lately, that anyone would be thrilled to get a bracelet that looks elegant (silicon bracelets are out!), and that they can layer on top of an already existing cluster of bracelets.

Camp Takota and their genius merchandise campaign

Camp Takota

The feature-length film, Camp Takota, handed out these bracelets at their movie premier. The best thing about these bracelets is that this isn’t a gimmicky frisby or t-shirt that’ll just get shoved in a closet or worse – dumped. This is something that people will be wearing for a while.

Camp Takota also has a fantastic marketing campaign going on. You can either buy the official Camp Takota friendship bracelet, or make a merchandise order, and get a bracelet for free!

They even made their own hashtag to popularise the product:


LinkedIn’s social “Work BFF” campagin

LinkedIn launched a social campaign called “Work BFFs” on July 8, 2014. The main goal was to draw attention to the fact that personal relationships make a better, happier worker.

LinkedIn launched a campaign inviting everyone to share photos with their work BFFs

LinkedIn launched a campaign inviting everyone to share photos with their work BFFs

There was an entire campaign invited people to share their photos with their BFFs. Here are some of the photos that were shared within the campaign:

LinkedIn ordered a whole bunch of bracelets to support the campaign, and their partners at Marie Claire Magazine ended up snapping a few photos with theirs.

Bracelets bring together a group – from camps, to opening events

We’ve seen several different events using bracelets as a method of bringing people together. Camp Arcadia, a girls’ summer camp, ordered bracelets for each of their campers. That way they would still be reminded of the great time at camp, even when it’s already over.

Camp Arcadia made sure each camper got a bracelet.

Camp Arcadia made sure each camper got a bracelet.

These bracelets have proven to be versatile, cross-gender and loved by all age groups. Even Havana Club got in on the fun, bringing in Friendly Bracelets for their internal event in Paris and Britain.

Get branded bracelets for your event

Since these bracelets are loved by both young and old, they’re the perfect accessory to dole out at your event to add an interesting twist that isn’t cliché or overdone. Choose from the classic friendship bracelet, or choose our custom leather bracelets, which are ideal for bulk orders. 


leather 3


Chose your bracelets here

All in all, bracelets are a great way to bring together everyone – both young and old, girls and guys. So regardless of whether it’s your company event, a fundraisers, or a lovely reminder that you’re one of a whole, bracelets make a create gift for bigger groups.

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