5 Cool Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on February 26th, 2020

There are countless friendship bracelet patterns that can be incorporated in these popular accessories – from simple and familiar styles to a lot more intricate designs that let the wearers express their personality in a dazzling way. This variety of options available lets anyone find a bracelet that matches their personal style. So, let’s take a look at 5 cool friendship bracelet patterns that are among the most popular ones, to give you an idea of just how different they can be and provide inspiration for incorporating these accessories in your outfits.

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Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelets

The cute heart motif is probably one of the most popular braided string friendship bracelet patterns, but it’s also a popular option for the laser-cut leather variety as well. Its popularity has to do not only with the nice look that it creates but also with the fact that it allows the wearer to convey their emotion. That’s why it’s a popular choice for couples, who often choose this pattern for matching bracelets that symbolize their relationship.

Flower Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Depending on the design, flowers can be both calming and energetic, as well as mysterious and comforting. Floral patterns are always a popular choice as they often provide the right balance between style and simplicity. Flower pattern friendship bracelets are popular among men and women of all ages as they can be combined with a variety of outfits and accessories. They add a hint of color and freshness without overpowering the look, making them perfect as a subtle accessory.

Leaf Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Leaf pattern friendship bracelets are a great idea for nature lovers. The leaf symbolizes not just nature but also regrowth. These kinds of patterns allow their wearers to convey a sense of adventure and closeness with nature. It’s also a great idea to pair them with flower or butterfly pattern bracelets to achieve the perfect nature-related look.

Butterfly Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Friendship bracelets with a butterfly design allow their wearers to embrace their fun, lighter side. Butterflies symbolize life, joy, and energy and that’s exactly what this pattern with butterflies does for the wearer – it infuses their look with a hint of charm and merriment. Butterfly pattern friendship bracelets can make for perfect gifts for children and teenagers. They are also available in a variety of colors that can all be collected and worn together to form a vibrant butterfly colony right on one’s wrist.

Anchor Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Some would say that this is the one for travel enthusiasts and those who are into nautical themes. Others would say that anchors symbolize stability and strength, making it the perfect motif for people who live life on the edge. However, many wearers choose the anchor design simply because it’s one of the best-looking friendship bracelet patterns. Therefore, it’s a great idea regardless of whether you like it for its symbolism or simply for aesthetic reasons.

Whether you prefer one of these popular designs or you’re into more unique friendship bracelet patterns, there’s no shortage of options. And that’s the fun thing with friendship bracelets – they can help anyone express their personality, regardless of what your age or gender is.

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How to STILL Make 2018 Your Year for Change

Avatar By Adam Cook on April 27th, 2018

Image via Unsplash

Image via Unsplash

If you’re coming into 2018 with high hopes for the future, you’re not alone. Each year, millions of Americans set resolutions for positive changes. While many are superficial, some, such as making the choice to leave a life of drugs and alcohol behind, are life-changing and require a true commitment. If you’ve made it this far into the year, you’re already on the right track. Keep reading for advice on how to keep moving toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Small changes

Your addiction likely started with small, individual actions that snowballed into a bad situation. Likewise, your recovery efforts begin by making one good decision at a time. You might start, for instance, by identifying positive and negative influences in your life. This might mean not spending time with past acquaintances, altering your commute to and from work so as to avoid driving by your favorite bar, or picking up a new hobby to keep your hands and mind busy.

Other small changes you can make have to do with learning coping skills and managing your health and well-being. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is less likely to crave drugs and alcohol to feel better. Coping skills you can practice include learning how to say “no,” which can help you feel more in control. According to Inc., having a strong sense of control is one positive life skill associated with health, happiness, and success.

A clean slate

Sometimes, small changes aren’t enough or they are just enough to push you in the direction of more drastic changes. When you exit rehab, it’s important to have a home where you feel safe and protected against outside factors. Redfin explains, “You’ll want to find a place that helps you create a healthy, consistent routine without throwing you into the paths of old triggers. You’ll also want a loving environment to rebuild your relationships and bond with your family, a place where you can heal and focus on your recovery.”

Unless you work from home, moving may also require another major change in the form of a new career. You could consider going into business for yourself or using what you learned in recovery for the benefit of others as a recovery coach or peer counselor. If your current job is a significant source of stress—which is a known relapse trigger—look to new industries or opportunities that allow you to use your strengths and skills.

Image via Unsplash

Image via Unsplash

Support and motivation

Recovery is a lifelong process; it is a lifestyle that requires a conscious effort to maintain. Fortunately, it is a lifestyle that encourages positive interactions with yourself, your family, and your support network. In addition to 12-step and group-centered therapy programs, your recovery may also include support and motivation from unexpected places.

Volunteering at a local homeless shelter, your children’s school, or church food pantry is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated to remain a productive member of your community. If you want to carry your motivation with you at all times, you and a loved one might consider matching friendship bracelets with messages of support and encouragement. When you’re feeling weak, you can use this small talisman to remind you that you are not alone and that you are fighting for a greater good: sobriety.

Friendship bracelets from friendlybracelets.com

Friendship bracelets from friendlybracelets.com

Your life is just that: yours. You are free to live it on your terms. Whether you make small changes to your routine or uproot your entire family in favor of a fresh beginning is up to you. As long as your changes are for the better, there is no wrong way to take control of your future.

Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

How to wear friendship bracelets? The guide to wearing your best friends bracelet every day

Avatar By Krista Krumina on March 16th, 2017

For a long time friendship bracelets are not just an accessory for teens and college kids anymore. This childhood jewelry is all grown up, and now found its place in adult wardrobes, too.

Ordinary people and celebrities, men and women are wearing friendship bracelets to show they care about someone and something. And once you’ve received your best friend bracelet, you probably want to wear it every day.

Today friendship bracelets come in all colors and styles. From colorful string bracelets to minimalist leather wristbands, in this blog post we’ve gathered simple ideas on how to wear your BFF bracelet as often as possible, no matter the occasion.

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A Unique and Personal Gift for Your BFF

Erika Macairan By Erika Macairan on January 6th, 2016

I really have a hard time thinking about which present to give my best friend. It’s quite ironic, really – how easy it is to find a present for a co-worker but difficult to choose one for one of the closest people in my life.

Unique and Personal Gift, To Infinity And Beyond

My best friend lives in another country which makes it even more difficult for me to think of presents for her. When she first moved away, I sent her books, makeup, clothes and other stuff for her birthday or special occasions such as Christmas. It was really hard for me to be away from her, especially when times get rough. She’s like my sister, adviser, confidant and critique all rolled into one beautiful person. Continue reading

Top Halloween Giveaways For Trick-N-Treating Folks

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on October 16th, 2015

Halloween has come to be associated more with fun than scares. Over time and ages, Halloween has come to be celebrated among kids and adults alike with fervor and festivity.

Youŗe never too old to beg for free candy

However, the trick and treat tradition has never failed to raise its head up high amid all the costume parties and pumpkin lanterns. In case you happen to have been the reclusive neighbor with barely much time for the tiny tots and young adults planning to trick-treat you, you sure must be bugged for landing up ideas on the best Halloween giveaways instead of the traditional candy. More than doing away with tradition, you must have forgotten to stack up on your candy bag. Here are top Halloween giveaways for those trick-n-treating folks that you can get well under 5-8 dollars and yet make a mark!

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15 Motivational quotes for inspiration

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on September 30th, 2015

Life in itself is an inspiration to live. To be born, to have lived for the time that we have, we have already won against a lot of odds. We’ve picked inspiration from around us, at times even without realizing. Here are a collection of motivational quotes for further inspiration. Take your pick and we shall customize a bracelet for you.

1. Keep Life Simple

We are born simple and with time, both we and our lives get complicated. The trick is to keep remembering that life needs to be simple and uncomplicated.

keep life simple

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Seal Your Friends for Life With These Top Gifts

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on September 22nd, 2015


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. -Helen Keller

Friendships are perhaps those relationships that last beyond time, above love and over blood. When it comes to making or nurturing friendships, the truest ones come sans any binding, agenda or need. It stems from the basic need for having enjoyable companionship that transcends diverse tastes. When it becomes to celebrating friendships, there is very little hullabaloo involved. You do not need a bunch of red roses or a precious trinket to say that you are friends with someone. You simply need to be a helping hand, a critic, a well wisher and a strong rock rolled into one to become a good friend. However, on deeper thought it becomes needful to sometimes show your friendship off for the sake of the relationship. How about picking up some ideas that could help seal and manifest your friendship while not overdoing the same?

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Creative corporate gift ideas – from marketing launches, to gifts, to campaigns

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on October 27th, 2014

Everyone has that one closet stuffed to the brim with stuff you don’t want to see or even deal with on an everyday basis (you know what I’m talking about), and guess what you’ll find in there – that’s right, those corporate “gifts” that you get a promotional events that really just clutter up your home with useless junk and annoying logos. Frisbees, hats, those poor quality draw-string backpacks, whistles, foam fingers..you get the point.

The reason that all of these are stuffed in the never-to-be-seen-again closet? Because they suck. They’re unimaginative, low quality, and have no purpose.

Enter: the bracelet.

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Introducing a new, beautiful bracelet – the leather lace bracelet!

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on August 25th, 2014

Omg we’re totally stoked to bring you this news! We’ve been working this summer to bring you what has been the festival hit of the summer – these trendy little lace bracelets!

Aren't they awesome? They look great for guys, and for girls

Aren’t they awesome? They look great for guys, and for girls

These cruciani-inspired bracelets took a life of their own when we created something similar, but out of leather!

Right now we’ve got 6 pretty designs for the bracelets up available. They’re all available in two colors. But in the future we’ll put up other options, including customizable, embossed leather with your own message (just like our classic Friendly Bracelets).

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Hey, the blog is up! Let’s get to know each other!

Avatar By Ieva Rozentale on July 28th, 2014

Introductions, highlights, and what the future has to bring

After 3 years of developing Friendly Bracelets into the fun-loving, friendship-radiating site that is today, we’ve finally feel like we’re ready to put our thoughts out into the world through this awesome blog! It’s a big task, but we feel like we’re up for it. To get started we figured we should get to know you, and tell you a little bit about why we do the things we do, and some of the highlights so far.

Who are we, and how did we get started?

We are Ieva and Artis. We fell in love with the idea of friendship bracelets when we came across a street vendor in California – we loved the idea of having that connection with you all the time, even when you can’t be together.

You know it’s true love when you can be silly together… Continue reading